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Empowering Youth, Building Futures – Our Journey, Mission, and People


Families in our programs, from our local Lake Orion Community and surrounding areas.


Dollars raised, going into both the program and setting the Foundation up to meet our self-funding goal.


The year we aim to meet our self-funded goal, which will give families greater access to youth programs.



At The Dragon Foundation, we are committed to cultivating the individual talents and passions of each child while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Through our four pillars – Athletics, Arts & Music, Mindfulness, and Skilled Trades – we aim to provide a well-rounded foundation for both personal growth and communal development.

We create environments where every child can learn, grow, and evolve, setting them on a path to success and fulfillment in all aspects of life.

“Our mission is to teach, develop, direct, and elevate our youth to the next level in any of their areas of interest within the 4 pillars.”

Todd Garris, The Dragon Foundation President



Our vision is ambitious: to transform The Dragon Foundation into a self-sustaining organization by 2025.

This visionary approach transcends traditional donation models, as we strategically invest in businesses and properties. These investments are not just financial decisions; they're steps towards a sustainable future for our organization and, more importantly, for the youth we serve.

Why is this important? Because it allows us to focus on what matters most – offering accessible, comprehensive development programs for every child.

We envision a world where families pay a single, affordable annual fee, granting their children access to all our enriching programs across Athletics, Arts & Music, Mindfulness, and Skilled Trades. This model ensures no child is left behind due to financial constraints.



The Dragon Foundation is guided by a dedicated board of several visionary leaders, each bringing unique expertise and insights to our mission. Our board members are not just decision-makers; they are active advocates and ambassadors for youth empowerment in our community.

From diverse backgrounds and industries, they unite under a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation. They are the driving force behind our initiatives.
Todd Garris

todd garris

A Lake Orion alumnus and captain of the 1990 State Championship Wrestling team, Todd Garris brings leadership and a keen entrepreneurial spirit to The Dragon Foundation. With his background as a Michigan State University wrestling scholar and successful serial entrepreneur, Todd is deeply invested in fostering youth development through the Foundation's four pillars.
Frisco Borrero

frisco borrero

vice president
Frisco has been a dynamic force in the program since 2009, evolving with it into The Dragon Foundation in 2020. A former varsity freshman athlete, Frisco's deep community ties, including his sons' participation in the program and his wife's role as team photographer, underscore his dedication to both personal and community development. Frisco's extensive network and experience make him a valuable collaborator in the Foundation, bringing impactful leadership both on and off the field.
Dragon Secretary Leslie Jennings

leslie jennings

Leslie, with her 15 years of dedicated service in various board roles, notably as a secretary, has been a vital contributor to The Dragon Foundation for the last 5 years. Her deep connection to the Foundation is further enriched by her son's participation in the youth football program and her daughter's involvement in youth cheerleading, showcasing her commitment to youth sports and community engagement.
jen o'haver

jen o'haver

Her involvement with The Dragon Foundation dates back to 2009, initially through the cheer program. With three years as the Assistant Cheer General Manager, Jen has played a pivotal role in the program's success. Bringing over 20 years of expertise as a controller and bookkeeper, she now serves as the Treasurer of the Foundation. Her deep appreciation for TDF's mission resonates in her commitment to the organization, where her financial acumen and passion for youth development continue to make a significant impact.
Heather Menary

heather menary

chief operating officer
Heather has been involved with The Dragon Foundation for four years and has made dramatic improvements in that time. She has almost 30 years of experience providing financial leadership, dynamic process improvement, and strategic direction in the commercial construction and automotive manufacturing sectors. Utilizing this experience to help develop the children of our community is her passion, building a multi-sports platform where every child can grow without financial restrictions. Her ties to the community and foundation are further deepened through her two children whom are both involved in sports. As an MSU graduate and LO resident, Green and White are in her blood.
Nicole Walsh

nicole walsh

Director of Digital
With nearly 20 years experience working in digital advertising and marketing, Nicole brings a unique perspective to the digital presence of our Foundation.

Her sons and husband all participate in the Youth Football Program.


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Empowering the youth of our community through Athletics, Arts & Music, Mindfulness, and Skilled Trades. Committed to nurturing potential, fostering well-being, and building a sustainable future for every child.
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