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Elevating Skills and Team Play: Blazers Basketball
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Blazers Basketball, part of The Dragon Foundation, offers an engaging and competitive environment for young athletes. With programs for both boys and girls and a commitment to excellence, we focus on developing basketball skills, sportsmanship, and team play, following AAU guidelines.

Our Boys Program includes teams for 5th grade, two 6th grade teams, a 7th grade team, and two 8th grade teams. The upcoming Girls Program promises the same level of training and competition. We ensure players are placed in the correct grade level, adhering to AAU age rules.

It's important to note that Blazers Basketball is a step beyond beginner-level play. Our program involves tryouts, and team selection is based on skill assessment, with no guaranteed spots. This competitive edge means that playing time is earned and may not be distributed as evenly as in recreational leagues. 

Our goal is to foster a high-performance environment where talent and hard work are recognized and rewarded. In cases where there is enough talent, we form additional teams, as seen in our 6th and 8th grade levels, to accommodate more players.

Blazers Basketball is committed to more than just developing basketball skills. We focus on cultivating a well-rounded experience that shapes character, teamwork, and a passion for the game. Here are the foundational elements of our philosophy:
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Comprehensive Skill Development

We prioritize the development of essential basketball skills, ensuring players at every level learn, improve, and excel. Our approach combines technical training with real-game tactics.
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Building Character On & Off the Court

More than just winning games, we emphasize integrity, respect, and discipline. Our program instills values that extend beyond the court, preparing players for life's broader challenges.

Preparing for Future Success

By participating in Blazers Basketball, players lay the groundwork for potential opportunities in high school and collegiate basketball. We focus on maximizing each player's potential and opening doors to future possibilities.
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Teamwork & Leadership

Teamwork is at the heart of our program. We encourage players to support one another, fostering a sense of unity and collaborative spirit that leads to both personal and team success.

Sunday Skill Sessions: Elevate Your Game!

Boost your basketball skills with our exclusive Sunday Skills Sessions! Tailored for Blazers Basketball players, these January sessions offer focused, age-specific training for each grade. Learn from our expert coaches as they break down the fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, and game strategy. These sessions are a unique advantage of our program, designed to refine your skills and enhance your on-court confidence. Whether you're a beginner or looking to polish your techniques, our Sunday Skills are your ticket to basketball excellence. 

Available only to program participants – a key part of our commitment to developing top-tier athletes.


introducing Young Talent to competitive play

Our 5th and 6th grade teams are where young players begin to seriously hone their basketball skills and understanding of the game. These teams focus on developing fundamental skills, teamwork, and a deeper understanding of basketball strategy.

  • Age Guidelines: Teams are grouped by grade, with a team for 5th grade and a team for 6th grade.
  • Practice Schedule: Practices are held twice a week at various Lake Orion elementary or middle schools.
  • Focus: Practices are dedicated to skill development, team play, and understanding game tactics.
  • Season Structure: The competitive season includes various local and regional tournaments, offering a blend of challenging gameplay experiences.
  • Tournaments: Teams participate in multiple tournaments, providing ample competitive play opportunities. The schedule typically includes weekend tournaments, with some spanning both Saturday and Sunday.
  • League Play: As part of the season, teams compete against other cities in Southeast Michigan, with potential tournaments in Lansing and other regional locations.

Additional Opportunities

  • Sunday Skills Training Sessions: Held in January, offering specialized skill development in dribbling, shooting, and other fundamental areas of the game.

FALL 2024




Tournaments begin

Regular Season & Skills Trainings
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Advancing Skills and Competitive Play

Our 7th and 8th grade teams at Blazers Basketball are designed for players who are ready to take their skills to the next level. These teams focus on advanced skill development, strategic gameplay, and preparing players for high-level competition.

  • 7th Grade Team: Tailored for 7th graders, this team emphasizes skill refinement and strategic understanding of the game.
  • 8th Grade Team: For 8th graders, focusing on high-level skills and preparing players for high school basketball.
  • Practice Schedule: Each team practices twice a week, at Lake Orion elementary or middle schools.
  • Focus: Advanced skill development, team strategies, and competitive readiness.
  • Season Structure: The season offers a mix of local and regional tournaments, enhancing competitive experience and exposure.
  • Tournaments: Multiple tournaments are scheduled throughout the season, predominantly on weekends. Some tournaments may extend over both Saturday and Sunday.
  • League Play: Competing against other Southeast Michigan cities, with occasional tournaments in Lansing or other regional venues.
  • Middle School Season Consideration: 7th and 8th graders are limited to two tournaments before the end of their middle school season in December, with the tournament season ramping up in January.

FALL 2024




Regular Season

Skills Trainings & Tournaments
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For Basketball specific questions, please contact Jeff Miller at
Once registration becomes available, a link will be posted here and on our social media channels.

Yes, there are tryouts and not all kids will make the team. However, if we have enough interest/talent to field multiple teams for the same age group, we will absolutely do that.

Frequency and Timing:

  • Practices generally occur twice a week.
  • The specific days and times are typically decided by the coaches and communicated to the team.
  • Practices align with the basketball season, with specific start dates provided at the beginning of each season.


  • Practices are held at various Lake Orion elementary or middle schools.
  • The exact location for each team's practices is usually communicated to participants and their families before the season starts.

Gameplay and Schedule:

  • The competitive season consists of various local and regional tournaments.
  • Games predominantly occur on weekends, with some tournaments spanning both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Rare instances of games during the week may occur.


  • Home games and local tournaments are typically held in Southeast Michigan.
  • Teams may also participate in regional tournaments, such as in Lansing, with the potential for future expansion to other Midwest locations.
  • Exact game locations and tournament venues are communicated to the teams as the season progresses.


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