Join us in continuing John's legacy of community and sportsmanship. Your donation can help make sure no child is left on the sidelines due to financial barriers. Apply now or contribute to support athletes in our local community.
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Every child deserves the chance to play and be part of a team, regardless of financial circumstances. The John Rowland Youth Sports Fund is here to help cover the costs of equipment and registration fees for football, cheerleading, basketball, and lacrosse.

If you know a young athlete who dreams of playing but faces financial barriers, we encourage you to apply for assistance. John's legacy lives on through the joy and opportunities we can provide to these young athletes.

Applications will be evaluated on multiple criteria, some of which include financial need, family participation, volunteerism, and whether or not the applicant is part of the Lake Orion Schools system.

To get more information on the application process, please send an email to and
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Please consider supporting the John Patrick Rowland Youth Sports Fund today.

John Rowland believed in the power of sports to bring friends together, build community, and create lasting memories. By donating to the John Patrick Rowland Youth Sports Fund, you are helping to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate in football, cheerleading, basketball, and lacrosse, regardless of their financial situation.

Your generous donation will go directly towards covering the costs of equipment and registration fees for young athletes in need.

Together, we can continue John’s legacy of compassion, community, and sportsmanship.
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Coach John Rowland was an incredible mentor and coach, someone who left a lasting impact on the lives of the players he worked with. His ability to connect with each individual, to understand them on a personal level, and to earn their respect speaks volumes about his character. It's evident from the fond memories shared that Coach Rowland had a special gift for bringing out the best in his players, both on and off the field. His sense of humor, combined with his wisdom about life's challenges, made him not just a coach, but a trusted friend and father figure to many. Despite his imposing stature, Coach Rowland's kindness and warmth shone through, breaking down any initial apprehensions the players might have had. He was approachable, understanding, and always willing to lend an ear or share a laugh.

Winning the 9u AA State Championship under Coach Rowland's guidance was undoubtedly a highlight for many of the players, not just for the victory itself, but for the camaraderie and memories created along the way. It's clear that Coach Rowland's influence extended far beyond the game of baseball, shaping young men into better individuals.

In the end, Coach John Rowland's legacy lives on not only in the trophies and accolades but in the hearts and minds of those he mentored and inspired. He exemplified the qualities of a true leader and mentor, leaving an indelible mark on the lives he touched.
  • Even as a young athlete, it was easy to recognize that Coach Rowland was indeed a GREAT Coach! Coach Rowland’s love for the game of football was truly contagious. He was patient, encouraging and expected each of his players to be disciplined and always give their very best effort. It was important to him that his players understood the fundamentals of the game of football, so that each of us could understand how we contributed to the team. Coach Rowland met each player where they were, and with respect, but inspired us to always reach higher, stay disciplined and move forward win or lose.

    I continue to be grateful for the GREAT Coach, that I had in Coach Rowland as a youth football coach, and the role that he has played in my life, as one of my “Forever” Coaches.

    Aden Smith

  • Coach Rowland was a great person. There was never a dull moment when you were around him. He always had fun and made everyone laugh, even when things were not going great. Not only was he a great coach to me and other teammates for so many years, but he also taught us how to become men and taught us the ways of life. He was like a second father figure to me. He always wanted the best out of me and was always pushing me to be the best version of myself on and off the baseball field. He was just a great person to be around that always lit up the room when he was.

    Jake Tabish

  • Coach Rowland was a gentle giant, the first practice when I was 9 I was a little scared and intimidated of him because I used to think that he used to look mean and another thing was about 6'5-6'6 😂. But in reality he was one of the nicest guys and one of the best coaches I have ever had. He was always someone to talk and joke around with. My favorite memory would be us winning the 9u AA State Championship. The Greatest and funniest season I have ever had playing Baseball and a big factor to it was because of Coach Rowland. Thank you.


  • I think he had a great sense of humor and knew how to get to each and every one of us. I don't think there was one kid that didn't respect him and that was because he respected us the same. He was willing to do whatever to better us on the field and off the field. I remember many time with me and p-row he would give us talks about life. But I think we looked at him, or at least I did as another father figure along with the other coaches.

    Jack Wellman

  • JR, to me was not only an awesome coach but a great mentor that felt like another father to me, on the field or off the field he always wanted us be the bigger people and show pride for our team, make us look professional. The pump up car rides to the field with JR and his music were the best showed how much pride he had for all of us boys and the whole team in all!!!

    Reed Garris


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